September 2019 - PK 1

During this month we will learn about the Universe. We will understand that everything we know is inside our Universe. We will find the Solar System and the 8 planets it has. These planets revolve around the Sun. We will then, learn that the Sun is a star which is far away our Planet Earth and it is very hot. Planet Earth? Yes, it is the Planet we live in which is a sphere. As the Sun is far from us so is the moon, which is another sphere made out of rocks and it revolves around our planet. We will also learn that if we look above us we can see the sky which is blue during the day and at night it looks black.

What a fun and exciting journey we will have around our magnificent Universe!

The art technique for this month will be the line. In terms of art, the line is considered to be a moving dot. It has an endless number of uses in the creation of art. It can indicate form as well as movement. We will get our inspiration from artists such as Mondrian. 

Rhyme of the Month

La tierra es redonda como un balón
y da muchas vueltas alrededor del sol.

Song of the Month

Rojo  red rojo red
azul blue azul blue
amarillo yellow amarillo yellow
Verde green verde green


September Calendar



Labor Day

No school



I need to bring an orange to class today.

Today we will learn about the planets of our solar system.


Brickell Campus: September 17th at 9:15am

South Miami Campus: September 18th at 9:15am

Discipline Conference given by Natalia Montano. Send us an email to reserve your spot.




Please bring a round object to school.

Our planet earth is the shape of a sphere.


The Moon

Each child should bring a rock or stone they find outside. We will learn that the moon is a rock.


Teacher’s Training Day

South Miami Campus: Friday 27th

Brickell Campus: Monday 30th

Teachers will be training their brains! If you want to bring your child please reserve your place no later than one day before. Cost is $40 from 8:45 to 3:00pm.